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Your One-Stop Solution Digital Marketing

Established on 3rd of August 2012, Accelist envisions itself to be an agile enterprise that anwers needs and demands in diversified industries.

Our mission is to accelerate your Digital Marketing and Business Growth

We believe that in the future, demand of modern business for Digital Marketing Solution have to be fulfilled rapidly, flexibly, and cost-effectively

Rapidly growing corporation with more than 100 staff

With more than 15 years of the founder’s experiences in the Information Technology industry, we have involved in many IT implementation projects. Start from the implementation of leading ERP applications until developing various applications in many platforms, i.e., web, desktop, and mobile applications.

As our company growing more bigger, we created new business in digital marketing to help entrepreneur and business, managing their social media account with our expertise.

We also expand our business horizon to the aviation industry as a distributor of equipment, spare parts and tools, and providing maintenance services to our customers.