Our products conform to the current year IATA AHM standards and to all related regulations; they also have been proven to be safe and reliable by worldwide ground handling companies and Aircraft MRO.

Ground Support Equipment

A complete set of mission-critical equipment that is required to service an aircraft while it is on the ground.
Most airlines subcontract ground handling services to airports or handling agencies.

The equipment can be divided into these big categories: passenger handling, cargo handling, ramp handling, and catering.

  • JBT Container / pallet loader, aircraft towing tractor, self-propelled passenger stair
  • CTV Doll: maintenance lift platform, medical lift truck
  • Design and fabrications: lavatory service truck and potable water truck
  • Aircraft tow bar, aircraft jack, hydraulic power unit
  • Passenger stair
  • Baggage cart
  • Dollies
  • Conveyor belt loader
  • Aicraft ULD and Pallet
Modification and Repair
  • Air starter unit overhaul
  • Ground power unit overhaul
  • Lavatory service truck modification and repair
  • Potable water truck modification and repair
GSE Tester: GPU load bank, air starter unit tester, draw Bar pull tester, aircraft jack tester, and many more.

Engineering Tools

Tools and equipment that are required to perform aircraft maintenances:

  • Data loader / downloader unit
  • Air data test set
  • Bonding meter
  • David Clark headsets
  • Newbow tire inflator, strut service gauges, tire
  • Pressure gauges
  • Cowl pump, IDG pump

Chemicals and Consumable Parts

  • Aircraft cleaners
  • Lavatory sanitizer (SaniPak)
  • Aircraft seat leather treatments
  • Engine oil
  • Skydrol hydraulic fluid
  • 3M tapes
  • Filters
  • Lamps and bulbs

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